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Commonwealth Energy is a better energy solution for Massachusetts and beyond. We are a family owned and operated business who’s focused on empowering you with a better choice. We use the best products on the market for your home. 

Sustainable Solar Install in Medford, MA

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25-Year System Coverage

Gain peace of mind knowing your home solar system is covered by our 25-year system coverage plan. Your home solar system will automatically manage the energy flow between your solar system, home and the electric grid. You produce clean, renewable solar energy and we take care of the rest!

All-In-One Services

Instead of wasting time and money sourcing services for your home elsewhere, get it all done with us!


A lot of our clients who have used this opportunity to upgrade their roofing, qualified to have part of it paid for! If that’s something you’re interested in learning more about, ask us. We have roofing specialists that can check whether or not you’re eligible. 


We partner with a heating, ventilation and air conditioning company to help you upgrade your home. 

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Theres a path here for every home owner.
Learn more about the benefits of PPA and ownership.


The PPA is a lease option that offers you a zero out of pocket cost solution to financing your brand new solar system!


Through ownership options you have the ability to pay for your system outright. Through this option you will 100% own your means of power production!

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